Pipe Rose

Cover of “Pipe Rose” (middle) and promotional images

My poetry chapbook, “Pipe Rose,” consists of fifteen poems and seven illustrations. In the collection, I explore themes of migration, loss, culture, belonging. The work primarily grew out of my experience immigrating to Mississauga and then moving to Ottawa in the span of four years. 

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I illustrated, designed, and produced a chapbook “Mitosis” by Ottawa poet, Conyer Clayton. The chapbook consists of one long poem in five parts. It covers themes of intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, mental illness, and healing. The collection has sixteen illustrations.

Backyard Worlds

Backyard Worlds is a collaborative project with my sister, Nimra. We create miniature worlds in cups, pots, and hollowed out books using bits and bobs scavenged from our backyard in Mississauga. So far we have created a little park scene, Hagrid’s Hut, the Shire, and a lullaby, “Lal Palang.”