I have my hands in a lot of different collaborative projects with other people, from sculptures to anthologies to design. Take a look through some of the projects I’ve been involved with over the past few years.

Reth aur Reghistan

Diorama of Sasui at the Bhit Shah Museum

Reth aur Reghistan is a collaborative project between two sisters, Manahil and Nimra Bandukwala. The project grew out of our interest in researching, writing, and transmitting folklore from where we grew up, Karachi. Through this project, we want to capture the cultural nuances that make up the vibrant city of Karachi.

We spent two months in Karachi researching folklore (folk stories, folk dance, and folk music) by interviewing local artisans, cultural workers, musicians, and performers. We intend to produce a full-length collection of poetry and sculpture inspired by the stories we collected.

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You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories)

You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories)

You Hit Me With Your Car (and Other Love Stories) is an indie romance anthology published by the Eighteen Eleven Collective. The anthology contains ten stories of love, from Toronto to Karachi to Osaka, from a coffee shop meet-cute to a retirement home parking lot.

This is the first publication by the Eighteen Eleven Collective, a group of writers who met at Carleton University’s Emerging Writers Circle.

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"creeping" by Mia Morgan
“creeping” by Mia Morgan

Flora/Fauna is a collection of broadsides by members of & co. collective. Poets in this project include Conyer Clayton, Ian Martin, Nina Jane Drystek, Leah Maclean-Evans, Mia Morgan, Dorian Bell, and myself. It first launched for the occasion of the Ottawa small press fair in November 2018.

Each poem is on the loose theme of animals and/or nature. We workshopped the poems together, after which I illustrated and designed a broadside. The final product features a poem and illustration side-by-side. It is printed on 80 Ib cream-coloured cardstock.


Mitosis by Conyer Clayton

I illustrated, designed, and produced a chapbook, Mitosis, by Ottawa-based poet, Conyer Clayton. The chapbook consists of one long poem in five parts. It covers themes of intergenerational trauma, domestic violence, mental illness, and healing. The collection has sixteen illustration.

The cover of Mitosis shows a mirroring. I spray-painted each cover with gold. The cover stencils were wood-cut at My Urban Workshop in Ottawa. Each chapbook is hand-stitched with gold thread. It was produced in a print run of 100 copies.

Mitosis launched on August 19th, 2019 at Happy Goat Coffee in Ottawa, alongside If the river stood stillan album by Conyer Clayton and Nathanael Larochette. “Mitosis” is one song in the album. This project was funded by the City of Ottawa.

Backyard Worlds

Miniature depiction of the Shire

Backyard Worlds started after a family trip to the Georgian Bay. Two sisters, Manahil and Nimra Bandukwala, collected sticks, stones, moss, and other items, and turned them into miniature worlds when they returned home.

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